2014 Outlook

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2014 Outlook

Part 2 of letter to Robeson County commissioners (sent January 6, 2014):

Our goal is to land new business – whether that’s one, two, or twelve. With a significant down payment made in 2013, the year ahead holds promise. Many businesses in the park report that last year was their best since 2007, and expectations are even higher for 2014. The list below is a mix of action items and goals we have set:

  • Secure investor(s) for construction of the COMtech Business Support Center – a proposed 15,000-ft2 facility that would include office supplies & printing; dry-cleaning pick-up point; café / sandwich shop; small fitness studio; conference room / start-up support space; etc.
  • Submit EDA grant proposal and seek other funding for small industrial incubator facility
  • Create COMtech internship for UNCP – MBA candidate(s) to assist with market research, materials, coordination of steering committees, etc.
  • Land a company that would serve as catalyst and anchor for future growth
  • Continue to strengthen partnership with Trinity Foods (e.g. sweet potato farming, security services, workforce development assistance, etc.)
  • Further reduce security and maintenance dues for COMtech landowners

Financially, we are on track to reduce our FY 2015 county-funding by 3.2%. We’ve accomplished this by trimming costs, collection of old debts, and generating new revenue. As specified in the contract between COMtech and Robeson County, we will submit an annual fee schedule to you by March 15.

We encourage each of you to visit our new website (comtechbusinesspark.org) and consider the content and brand we are drafting for COMtech and our county. Be sure to click on the video of Tony Normand’s helicopter ride and turn up the volume. As always, your ideas, insight, and constructive feedback are greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year

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