Board of Directors

COMtech is an actively-managed, independent 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation operating under the approval of the IRS and State of North Carolina as a public charity. COMtech has the responsibility to manage and market COMtech Business Park, which is owned by Robeson County and our business partners. We have an experienced and highly qualified board of directors, with each member having unique qualifications which contribute to the diversity and depth of business, government and educational experience integral to the success of COMtech. Members all provide geographic representation from municipalities all across the county. Day to day operations are the responsibility of the executive director who reports to the COMtech Board of Directors. The Board receives recommendations from the county commissioners and administration when necessary.

On behalf of our Board of Directors and Partners, we want to welcome you to COMtech. We are dedicated to your success, as the success you enjoy also serves our need for more jobs, and better paying jobs for our people. This is why we approach all relationships as long-term partnerships….mutually profitable endeavors. We sincerely believe that everything we do here today…touches our future.

Back row from left to right: Ms. LaVianca Ledbetter (marketing specialist), Mr. Noah Woods, Mr. Ronnie Hunt, Ms. Kellie Blue, Ms. Amira Hunt, Mr. Greg Cummings, Ms. Jane Smith, Ms. Melissa Locklear Front row from left to right: Mr. Ray Townsend, Mr. Ryan Nance, Mr. Fred McKinnon, Mr. Ricky Harris Not pictured: Ms. Sybil Bullard, Dr. Neil Terry, Dr. Cammie Hunt, Mr. Arlie Jacobs

Mr. Ronnie E. Hunt, Chairman
retired, former CEO Lumbee River Electric Corporation
Red Springs, NC

Dr. Neil A.Terry, Vice Chair
retired, Public Schools of Robeson County
Maxton, NC

Mr. Fred McKinnon, Treasurer
retired, Public Schools of Robeson County
St. Pauls, NC

Mr. Ricky Harris, Secretary
Robeson County Manager
Lumberton, NC

Ms. Sybil Bullard
private sector
Red Springs, NC

Ms. Amira Hunt
Interim Manager, Town of Pembroke
Pembroke, NC

Mr. Thornton Lowry
COMtech Association, chairman, private sector
Pembroke, NC

Mr. Les Noble
COMtech Association, vice chair, private sector
Lumberton, NC

Mr. Noah Woods
Robeson County Commissioners, chairman
Pembroke, NC

Ms. Kellie Blue, Ex-Officio
Robeson County Finance Director

Mr. Greg Cummings, Ex-Officio
Robeson County economic development

Mr. Arlie Jacobs, Legal Counsel
Locklear, Jacobs, Hunt, & Brooks

COMtech Strategic Plan – July 2012

This strategic plan was undertaken by the COMtech Board of Directors and Executive Director during late 2011 and early 2012 in order to spell out specific goals and strategies for the Park. Implementation of these goals will be the responsibility of the Board and Executive Director with assistance from a number of partners. An evaluation of the Plan is to be done at the end of each calendar year by the Board and Executive Director. Results will be forwarded to the Robeson County Board of Commissioners.

COMtech has an overarching goal, purpose, values, vision statement, and mission statement. These are listed below.

Goal of COMtech:

To create a preponderant technology focused center, with each resident operating with the full understanding and appreciation of the surrounding environment.

Purpose of COMtech:

To create jobs by making suitable building sites quickly available with land covenants designed and enforced to protect the park environment.

Values of COMtech:

  • Protection of the Park in order to provide a cohesive park-like cluster development of innovative and vibrant business and industrial development.
  • Promotion of the Park as a location that is “seeking and supporting development and relocation of businesses and industry on COMtech site”.
  • Provides a location for business and industrial development that is enhanced by on-site education, training and business development activities.

Vision Statement for COMtech:

COMtech is the home of job creation and business/industrial investment.

Mission Statement for COMtech:

COMtech will provide an environment that fosters and supports business and industrial development that builds upon one another in order to be more profitable and surpass all goals of its residents.

                                               Goals and Strategies

The following goals and strategies were developed based on input from park owners and tenants, along with the Board of Directors. Implementation of these goals and strategies will be the responsibility of the COMtech Board of Directors.

Goal 1

COMtech must be user-friendly to clients, visitors, residents and potential residents.


  1. Develop a Park Directory to be displayed in prominent area near the Guard House. [COMPLETED – SPRING 2013]
  2. Develop an updateable marketing plan to increase exposure. [IN-PROGRESS]
  3. Develop a business services provider in the park to supply daily business needs such as express mail, copying services, etc. [IN-PROGRESS]
  4. Develop a land use map that includes existing usage (Zones) and other amenities for each parcel, while also outlining the proposed development of future properties. [COMPLETED – SUMMER 2012] Each zone has a desired composition based on the following:
  • Industrial Zone – This Zone is designed for light industry/manufacturing and small    businesses that take advantage of new technologies, the use of small business incubators, science, green energy and similar attributes.
  • Business Zone – This Zone is designed to accommodate professional businesses, corporate headquarters, business support services and small start-up businesses related to the business community.
  • Education and Training Zone – This Zone accommodates facilities and operations related to higher education and job training, with a special emphasis on technology skills, industrial/vocational training, information technology training, management services and related activities.

5. Develop Fiber Optics opportunities [IN-PROGRESS]

Goal 2

Develop an industrial incubator to grow industries and create jobs.


  1. Secure funding for construction of industrial incubator facility. [IN-PROGRESS]
  2. Develop partnership with Robeson Community College Small Business Center and the Small Business Technology Development Center of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke’s Regional Center to provide business plan assistance. [ON-GOING]
  3. Explore the possibility of and promotion of Alternative Energy and Sustainable Agriculture entrepreneurial opportunities through the “All about Green Program” administered by the Lumber River Council of Governments and the Lumber River Workforce Development Board. [COMPLETED – FALL 2012]

Goal 3

Maintain the integrity and protect the environment of the Park.


  1. All development must receive prior approval from the COMtech Board of Design prior to sale or lease of property. [DESIGN BOARD FORMED – SPRING 2013]
  2. The COMtech Board of Design must meet on a regular basis with the COMtech Board of Directors.
  3. The COMtech Board of Design must make a recommendation to the COMtech Board of Directors within sixty days of receipt of a site/building plan.
  4. Activate the COMtech Association board as spelled out in the 2012 revised covenants. [COMPLETED – SPRING 2013]
  5. Engage the COMtech Association Membership (CAM) on a more regular basis; including twice yearly meetings. [ON-GOING]
  6. Retail sales operations should be limited to those permitted uses that directly support business and industry located in the Park.