COMtech Business Park Applies For Recreational State Trails Grant Program

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COMtech Business Park Applies For Recreational State Trails Grant Program

While blessed with wildlife and natural resources, there are very few green-way and nature trails in Robeson County. According to County Health rankings provided by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation Robeson County ranks 97th in the state for healthy outcomes. The addition of a recreational green-way trail could improve the healthy outcomes for citizens of Robeson County. COMtech Business Park is currently applying for a grant through North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation State Trails program to construct a 1.5 mile scenic recreational trail within the park.  The Recreational Trails program is federal grant program that is available to governmental as well as nonprofit agencies to construct recreational trails as well as maintain existing trails. The goal of the Recreational Trails program is to help fund recreational trail projects at the state level. COMtech currently has a 12 acre lake area where the trail will circle and cross to provide a scenic recreational trail for recreational as well as educational purposes. The key distinguishing feature of this project is derived from both the diversity and density of healthcare-related organizations adjacent to the proposed trail facilities. In many ways, their network serves as a local economic cluster, driving considerable traffic (~5,000 visitors per day) into the park. If selected as a grant recipient COMtech could receive up to 100,000 to construct this mulit-use trail system. The project is maximally productive given its design, location, and accessibility towards meeting these many different community needs. For an area with unemployment rates that are near 12% (US-BLS), it’s important to recognize the potential impact for local economic development as noted by a traveling business consultant who commented that the project is, “Much needed and long overdue… The health benefits and the enviro-education opportunities are seriously needed in this community, but also to use as a recruitment tool for economic development in this impoverished area.” COMtech was selected to apply for this invitation only grant program after the business park’s pre application was chosen after submitting in November of 2013. Comtech will submit its final application by June 6th 2014 and will be notified if selected for the grant by mid to late September.

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