Governor McCrory visits COMtech

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Governor McCrory visits COMtech



On Tuesday, September 2, 2014, Governor Pat McCrory visited COMtech to announce a newly proposed 550-mile natural gas pipeline, which will help bring hundreds of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars of economic activity to North Carolina.

“The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is one of the largest projects of its type in the nation and represents a significant investment in our state,” said Governor McCrory. “This project will drive economic growth and create much-needed jobs for eastern North Carolina. In addition, this new interstate natural gas pipeline will provide our entire state with new access to abundant, clean, reliable and competitively priced supplies of natural gas.”

The pipeline will be a $4.5 billion joint venture between Dominion, Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas, and AGL Resources and is expected to be delivering by 2018.

The pipeline will begin in West Virginia and end at a PNG transmission station in Robeson County.





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  1. Hi Ryan,

    Great blog post on Gov. McCrory visit.

    I see that you have a lot of notes on your website about content that was to be updated in March 2014, and that has not been updated.

    I have a suggestion for an update marketing slogan for COMtech. I saw this in an ad for another business.

    ” Explore COMtech Business Park. Let it Move You!!”

    I think on of the major goals of COMtech is to get business clients to move here.

    Best wishes

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