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Easy Transport

Interstates 95, 74, and CSX rail lines conveniently link us between urban markets and international seaports.

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Education & Training

COMtech partners with UNC-Pembroke and Robeson Community College for customized industry training.

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Available Sites

COMtech has several commercial and industrial plots available for immediate development. Find your future site here.

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The Land of Opportunity

Robeson County is the land of opportunity for business. Simply put, it’s easier to be profitable here. Our resources are inexpensive, the workforce largely untapped and companies can get their goods to market faster from our privileged location. With a business-friendly climate, let us show you around…

Robeson Co. by the Numbers

  • 265 master’s degree grads (UNCP 2013)
  • 1,138 bachelor degree grads (UNCP 2013)
  • 170 associate degree grads (RCC 2013)
  • $592 Average Weekly Wage
  • 138,583 Population
  • 54,413 Labor Force
  • 3,531 Net Outbound Commuting Workforce
  • 80.8 Cost of Living (low, US=100.0)
  • Max Incentive Tier-1 HUBZone County

Businesses in the Park

Meet the People of Robeson County

UNCP Graduation
The technical skills of our workforce are rooted in generations of tradesmen, mechanics, and machine operators. Many of them travel for work, but this is still home.
Sam Isham
Executive VP, Metcon
We received more than 450 applications for 23 openings, so we had an excellent pool of candidates. Our employees have shown great work ethic, and have exceeded our expectations.
Jere Null
President, Trinity Foods



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